NEW!! Free Group Runs for Dogs and Owners!

NEW!! Free Group Runs for Dogs and Owners!
Run with us at various locations throughout Santa Cruz! Click the Meetup Logo above to join the pack!

What We're All About!

Improving your dog's health and happiness through running. From a vigorous hike to a serious trail run, we always provide a safe, joyful and caring experience for your pooch! Keeping your dog balanced is essential to his or her happiness. Integrating a stimulating and challenging exercise into the day will help keep things running smoothly at home. Whether your dog is hyper, anxious or just plain ready to run, See Spot Run is the perfect answer. Our variety of activities and adventure locations will keep your dog healthy, happy and coming back for more!

Hit The Ground Running

Getting started is simple. We first begin with a complimentary consultation to collect basic contact information as well as your pet's general health background and behavioral characteristics. It is strongly recommended your dog be examined by a licensed veterinarian to make sure he or she is physically ready to start running on a regular basis. Any dog participating in our activities should be at least twelve months of age and have a current license and a rabies vaccination.

We will work one-on-one with you and your dog to determine an exercise routine that is appropriate and beneficial to his or her health and happiness. Starting slowly, we'll gradually build up endurance while constantly being mindful of any discomfort or irregularities in your dog's behavior. At the end of each run or hike your dog will receive an individualized Report Card on the day's activities!


Adventure Runs
For the extra-active dog! Adventure runs are the perfect way for your dog to get plenty of exercise while building essential 'trail-etiquette' skills on varied terrain. These runs are optimal for high-energy pups who love a constant mental and physical challenge. We work on loose leash running as well as training to pull in the harness.
Single Run: $38
Minimum two runs per week.

Adventure Hikes
Adventure hikes are a lower-intensity alternative that will still give your dog the work-out he or she needs! Ideal for older or small dogs who love exploring the outdoors at a moderate pace.
Single Hike: $32
Minimum two hikes per week.

All activities are limited to a small group of dogs for safety. Includes pick-up and drop-off at your home or office and one and a half hours of hiking or running. Dogs are returned to you, brushed and dried.

Locations for Adventures
West Side Pogonip, DeLaveaga Park, Henry Cowell State Park
East Side Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, New Brighton State Beach, Seacliff State Beach

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pooches in the Park 2009

A great time was had by all at Pooches in the Park! On Sunday, March 8th the Aptos polo grounds were transformed into a doggie haven with over 20 vendors, agility competitions, pug races and costume contests! There were also plenty of furry friends up for adoption and looking for permanent homes.

At the See Spot Run booth, I had a great time meeting local dog lovers and runners alike. It was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people who love pups as much as I do! There was a great turn out with the 'Free Run Raffle', and we will be drawing three winners within the week!